Gather by the Ghost Light


Ep 18: The Shed

October 1, 2021

THE SHED: Jimmy has  a secret that he's burning to tell to his best friend, Charlie - that his mama keeps a witch chained up in their shed! Charlie wants Jimmy to prove it by showing, but that may not be such a good idea...

Written by Joanne Greene

Directed by Jonathan Cook

Performed by Luke Romagnoli, Amelia Oswald, Courtney Prouty, Roland Brune, Rosalie Brune, Jonathan Cook, and Joanne Greene.

Intro/Outro music: JK/47

Additional music provided by:
A Time of Shadows - "All Hallows Eve" from their upcoming album releasing on Oct 7th!
Maxime Herve - "Bring to Light"
Shahead Mostafafar - "Into the Next Dimension"
The Hazelnuts - "Something Good"

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